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Friday Mix #2 - Cheer up

Friday Mix #2 - Cheer up

It's friday! 

Recently I twisted my ankle pretty badly so I couldn't go to work or do anything. I have been stuck at home with my foot up, sick of watching the TV and just sick of doing nothing. But today I feel better so I'm going to celebrate tonight and have some friends over for some Espresso Martini, buy some flowers and play vinyl! It's a privilege to be healthy and I'm happy to be so. 

Here are some Friday findings from the web....

These "Facts" about turning 30, what do you think?

Wardrobe Snacks is a fun project by Terrence Caviar! 

Different type of blog by Jamie Beck

Victoria Beckham writing back to her self 18 year old

How does people with colorblind see the world? 

Lego animals, so cool!

This Instagram feed! Moscow Facade

This Ikea Hacks! Great idea for your bedroom!

Knitting Clock! Yes it is knitting ...


Have a nice Friday!


Frederiksberg vintage Finds

Frederiksberg vintage Finds

Details at home

Details at home