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Frederiksberg vintage Finds

Frederiksberg vintage Finds

Once again, I found myself with a stuffed bag, just 10 min after entering The Red Cros Vintage store.  The one I pass by every morning!  Stopping by at a vintage stores to have a peak, is my fix, these days, as everyday is filled with thesis writing, which I am getting a litle tired of.  So shopping vintage clothes is, me, restoring myself! ;)

The items I bought this time, was in a store on Falkoner Alle, just on the opposite side of Frederiksberg centret, if that is familiar to you.  The items are all a matchy match, which I was not awair of, when picking them.  But I love the mix of the brown color shade, together with the chalk-white pair suit.  

All four items cost me, in total, 100 dk kr in total.   I recommend going to the Red Cross stores, there are many of them here in Copenhagne.  As for me, I always find something intreresting there. The best part of it, in my opinion, is entering a room full of spirite, from all decades, which gives me a nostalgi boosted.  And because of the low expectations you have, before entering the store, ends up leaving you with a surprisingly good feeling.  And of course a nice addition to your vardrope.    

I will be posting new vintage finds, regularly, as I will introduce you to my favourit VINTAGE STORES AND FLEAMARKETS, HERE IN COPENHAGEN.   

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Sunday brunch at home

Sunday brunch at home

Friday Mix #2 - Cheer up

Friday Mix #2 - Cheer up