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Wingspan is a sculpture I made during my study at Kunstakademiet Architectschool in Copenhagen. That was back in 2009, so a few years has gone since then.  I decided to remake the sculpture last Christmas, this time in dark oak.  I love playing with materials and exploring the varity of  it.  Taking one minut at a time and see where the adventure takes me and the material I'm are working with.  

In the remaking of the sculpture, I wanted to exploring materials options and a better way of constructing it. I decided to make it out of 3 x 3 mm thick oak wood studs. The studs are cut and put together so they form a movement, which I like to see as a wingspan.  A bird that is taking of in the air.  Depending on how you turn it, the sculpture showes a different graphical expression.

Later this year I will be working on having the bird sculpture produced. That journey I am very exited about.  In addition I will be producing a ornament , which will be a smaller version of the sculpture. I'm perhaps going to change some details and add a new material to give its more edgy look.  I will update you on the new design and how it goes.  I am exided to tell you more about the design and production process. 


This mounth i gave some interior advise in the Icenaldic magasin Hús og Hýbýli, on how to best organice the inside space and talking about new tendencies and designs in the field.  Here I got my ornament  bird viewed, as one of my projec I have designed.

Gucci AW 17 campaign

Gucci AW 17 campaign

Út í Bláinn

Út í Bláinn