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Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week officially starts today.  Very exciting and Im looking forward to attend a few show this week.  Even though I have my master thesis hanging over my head, and only 2 weeks away from my deadline, I will be taking a little fashionable brake frome it.  I will be bringing my laptop with me everywhere, so I can take advantage of the free time inbethween.  Lockelly I just got this perfekt vintage bag where my laptop fits perfecly inside.  I will show you some pictures later today.  

The shows I will be attending are:  Anne Vest, Elaine Hersby, Verena Shepperhey, Han Kjøbenhagen and CFW talent scene precenting the danish/icelandic designers MAISVANHVIT among others.  I will do my best posting from each and every show doring this week, and my outfits as well.  Stay tuned!

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Port9 Winebar

Port9 Winebar

Gucci AW 17 campaign

Gucci AW 17 campaign