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Friday Mix #3 - Sustainable

Friday Mix #3 - Sustainable

We live in a materialistic world and we all know that we consume more than we really need. We are constantly being told by social media, advertisements and commercials that we need something new and better that we already have. Of course its ok to buy stuff, but lets be more aware of what we are buying. 

Reducing Your Footprint

I'm always trying to be better person, thinking more about our planet we share with so many others ... trying to reduce my footprint . Even though it sometimes feels like Im just a tiny piece of the puzzle, everything counts. When you start living with more awareness it has an impact on the people around you ... and before you know they will start changing their living habits as well.

But where to start? You can start by recycle all plastic items and paper, it is really easy to do ... just have three different trash cans (this one from Ikea works for me). Also try to avoid buying things in plastic (like soda) and use a reusable cup for your coffee.  -Buy more local food and eat more green, the meat industry is one of the most pollutive industry in the world.  -Buy less of stuff, pick the things you buy carefully with long term use in mind. When buying clothes you should always always always check the carelabel, I never buy clothes without knowing what Im buying. Look for the fabric content and where it's produced. If you buy clothes made of good quality, natural fibers and eco friendly you will be able to keep the clothes for a longer time. Clothes made of natural fibre breath better, body odour doesn't get stick to the clothes and when they are washed you don't have to worry about releasing chemicals to the sea. The made in part is also important. The third world is slaved for the fast fashion industry, so when you buy from fast fashion companies you are giving them change to keep on doing this. I know it can be tempting to buy really cheap clothes, but if you really think about the whole process of the clothes you are buying you will probably don't understand how these prices can be that low. We need to get more aware of the whole process from design, production, transport, use and reuse. The fashion industry is second most pollutive industry in the world after the oil. I know it can be a depressive topic but It doesn't need to be, we can have impact by doing these small steps, at least you are then trying :)

Here are some really interesting findings from the web about these matters :) 


Buy yourself some reusable coffee cup! I recommend this one from KeepCup, they are made of reused material, like wine cork and lime soda glass. For Icelanders you can buy these in Kaffitár!

Simplify your life in 10 minutes! This I have to try!

Fashion is dead, interesting article by trend forcaster Lidewij Edelkoort. She has a point!

Ok! Nespresso gets some points by reusing their capsules:  Nespresso reducing program

The True Cost, a documentary about the Fashion industry. You can find it on Netflix and on their website!

If you like challenges this might interest you: Project 333, "is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months." 

Kon Mari method! How to tidying up your home.

Green Kitchen Stories! My favorite food app and website! Delicious recipies!

Friend of mine Júlíanna did a hole year with only one outfit! 

10 things to add to a simple life!  A good reminder

Calculate your footprint!

Have a nice weekend!



Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zeller