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A hidden gem!  If anybody is wandering around Fort Greene and thirsty for some local spicy,  fruity or punchy cocktails.  Mayflower is the spot.  

Its tiny, yes but that's the best.  Its quiet, it's low-key, its romantic.    When I go there I feel like I step back in time, a time where Snapchat doesn't exist nor the annoying high pitch, way too loud pop music on broken speakers or uncomfortable LED lighting.  Oh no Mayflower is everything you want for a quality me-time, or we-time with you best mate or date.  Only you with the locals sipping on some perfectly crafted cocktails.  

I had an amazing afternoon with my parents when they came to visit,  yes on a cold February night, lights were out and some strange weather was going on.   The weather when the so called gods don't know if it should snow, rain, be windy or calm.  Kind of that in between - not so sexy.

A perfect time to hide and just share a drink or two.  



Mayflower is tucked into the Waverly side of the restaurant Aita,  which I do need to mention.  It's difficult not to reserve a table at the sister spot Aita while you enjoy your cocktails or wine.   Needless to say we did not resist and ended up having dinner at Aita. 

Mayflower and Aita, 132 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Headache and a monk bowl

Headache and a monk bowl

Blind Barber

Blind Barber