New York Top Picks in Culture



Central Park

Wow, Central park. After 3 years in the city im now for the first time realizing how many hidden and amazing quiet spots the park hides away from the bustling city.  I used to rush through it either biking the routes, crossing it in a hurry or going for a busy concert.  Obviously I didnt find it relaxing or charming.  Just another busy part of the city.    but finally... 



Rei Kawakubo has always been a legend to me. What a talent! creative spirit and a motivational human being.  I'd love to meet this woman. 

And bravo MET for a well curated exhibition!   The exhibition "The art of the in between" examines 9 expressions of different "in between-nesses" that explore the emptiness and space in between dualities.  Absence/Presence; Design/Not Design; Fashion/ Antifashion; Model/Multiple; High/Low; Then/Now; Self/ Other; Object/Subject; and Clothes/Not Clothes.   Rei Kawakubo's focus on the emptiness in space has always been at the heart of her work.  She's very much inspired by Zen ideology and the Zen Koans Mu (emptiness) and Ma ( space ) coexist in the concept of "in between".



I highly recommend checking out Irving Penn's medium format films.  I've been staring at them for quite some time.

They are so beautiful!
Also what interests me is his unique career.  It's very interesting and quite surreal.  Vogue literally hired him the day he starting looking through a lens at the age of 17, till the end of his career.  Vogue just fell in love and never ended the relationship.  I think he's the only one  (or maybe one in a few photographers ) they hired so loyally forever.  Today Vogue just hires and fires all their freelance photographers, always on the search for something new, something fresh, something trendy, with the it-factor of now, Never clinging so faithfully with one.   Vogue gave him the freedom to explore and experiment in a fearless environment and it shows in his beautifully diverse series, campaigns and covers.