Copenhagen Top Picks in Dining




While everyone is enjoying summer, these days, I’m stuck with my computer on my lap, as i’m writing my Master theses.  With only one month left, my nerves are getting the best of me.  I try to treat myself with good foot and coffee, every day, while I'm dragging the heavy words on to the Word-paper.  I just discovered a new café, Kaffebiksen, where me and my laptop are spending all of our time.  Kaffebiksen is doing the best job, surfing a delicious Avocado-sanwiches and Ice-coffee, as well as they make the best customised Cortado for me. 


La Banchina

It is a laid back place with a lot of charisma and I am looking forward to spend some evenings there with a glass of wine and perhaps a sunset as a view.



Friðheimar is located in the south of Iceland just near by Reykholt (only 1.5 hours from Reykjavík). This is a fantastic place, a green house where you can sit down and have a local tomato soup surrounded by growing tomatoes and bumblebees. This place is a old family business that you can clearly see is run with a lot of passion. Almost every day you can see the owner running from table to table serving happy customers delicious soups. If you haven't been there, go because you are missing out!