My favorite spots for food, wine and dine

For the last ten years Reykjavík has changed really fast. Remembering the down town area as a ghost town with empty spots and shops not surviving, made me sad. But now things has changes, the street are full of people, spreading to the side streets where cafes and restaurants are opening in every other corners, this is making Icelanders belly happy and satisfy. 


Hidden parks to biggest museums

My favorite get away spot is going to a Museum to reload. When feeling lost in my work or in need for some inspirations.What I also like about my culture is that we spend a lot of our spear time enjoying the nature, taking long walk, hiking or going to the swimming pools.


Everything from vintage finds to book stores

This small city of 150.000 habitats is full of designers and artist, so when in Reykjavík you must buy some local designs. Going to a book cafe is the best thing every, drinking your cup of the day while browsing through your favorite book or magazine. That can't go wrong!


New in Reykjavík