My favorite spots for food, wine and dine

Most all of my favorite restaurants and dining spots are in Brooklyn. I'm a sucker for friendly and calm atmospheres with creative menus.  And my biggest obsession is "The perfect Whisky sour" Yes I'm a true cocktail fan!


Hidden parks, indie cinemas and  museums

Wow where to begin with the culture of nyc.  Difficult to target, since its such a hub for the arts and so multi cultural. What I'm drawn to are well curated exhibitions, the dancing crowd at clubs and the cinemas that show a good variety of films. 


Everything from vintage finds to book stores

Bookstores, record shops, vintage boutiques and curated home decor shops is where I loose track of time.   All of which I love, especially on those gloomy days when I want to kill time, find inspiration or just daydream.