Top Picks in New York Shops

I'm a lover of bookstores, vintage shops and home decor boutiques. Here are my top picks.


Greenlight bookstore

I love their amazing book selection.  The vibe is just perfect with their smiley friendly staff that's always informative and on point.  


Beacon's Closet, Park Slope.

Its cheap and a bargain for you buck!  You can come across some amazing hidden gems for little to no money.  They have many stores in NYC, but their store in Park Slope is my absolute favorite.  They have a wide variety of vintage clothing but still within a nice curated selection.  The Park Slope location is not as busy as the other stores and that's why i love this location!


ABC Carpet & Home

Walking into ABC home is like entering a dreamworld.  The beautiful variety of home decor is very well curated, I love the store's set up.  They have 5 floors filled with home decor everything from oriental carpets and textiles to Scandinavian contemporary design.   Everything in their collection is unique and built on craftsmanship, quality and integrity.  They source goods that are created with sustainability and fair labor standards in mind.  You can spend hours and hours in ABC home and you'll find so many new home decor brands you didn't know of and then when your energy is out, try one of their amazing restaurants on second floor.