MY Reykjavik Top Picks in Shops



Louisa Matthíasdóttir (1917-2000) was amazing artist. She used her life, family and things around her as inspirations, using clear colors and strong vision of an subject. Louisa moved to New York in 1942 where she painted at home every day. She had many exhibitions and in 1960 she exhibited every year in a Robert Schoelkopf Gallery in New York with a good reviews. This weekend I went to see her at Kjarvalstaðir in Reykjavík.



Just right outside Reykjavík you can find Portið, a second hand store that has a lot to offer. Every space is used to the full which makes this store so interesting. You can find things that are really old and antique to some newer things that might bring up some childhood memories. Some of these things I think can be quite pricy but maybe understandable because of how much time it takes to find these things and the cost of transporting. I like this store and It's fun to walk through it and see what it hold. 


Streetstyle of Reykjavík

Bryndís did some streetstyle photoshooting during her stay in Reykajvik last week.  "I have been taking a lot of photos these days, as I finally have room for creativity work, after a busy period with my master theses.  I will mainly be taking pictures in Copenhagen, unless I'm traveling otherwhere, like last week in Reykjavík. You can follow the journey on The Streetland instagram profile, where I will be shooting in Stockholm the upcoming week."